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Teams/Owners and Time Slots

JD’s 2011 NFL Collaborative Mock Draft

Arizona = OjCrUsH623
Atlanta = Doctor Monkey

Buffalo =

Chicago =

Cincinnati= sque32
Dallas = Roxfan
Detroit = Quew777
Green Bay= Packers 500
Houston = 
Indianapolis= RTTruth
Jacksonville= Jaguarsfan
Kansas City=
Miami   = JD03Fins
Minnesota= Nos
New England=LAOJoe
New Orleans=

N.Y. Giants=

N.Y. Jets = Bandit
Oakland =
Philadelphia= El Patron
St. Louis =
San Diego=
San Francisco= BadgersAlltheWAY
Tampa Bay=






2. All Trades will be pmed to JD or another MOD--will choose the mods before we start

3. Player trades are allowed but there will be a limit to 3 per team.

4. If you trade is denied, DO NOT COMPLAIN!! Fix the trade and resubmit it

5. When submitting a trade, say trade for approval, both GMs need to submit the trade!

6. All time slots and picks will be in my blog

7. Trading while OTC needs to go quickly!!

8. Leave a list if you wont be around!! if you miss a pick you will most likely be replaced

9. Get an Avatar of your team(s)!!!

10. If we have multiple teams no trading with yourself

11. Pick 2 FA's (RFA or UFA) to keep on your roster---not allowed to be traded

12. FA's (UFA or RFA) will not be used--go into the draft like yor team will on the 28th, they are not on your roster but may be resigned after the draft (in real life not in this)

more rules to follow
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